Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy


I grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on the Disney channel. It was a combination of this show, my middle school science teacher (Ms. Jen Baum), and my first pets (hamster & dog) that contributed to my passion for science and animals. I have fond memories of Bill Nye and his quirky ways of explaining different topics of science. Each episode added to my knowledge base. As I grew, so did my interest and intrigue in science and the way the world worked. The most interesting topics to me centralized around biology and animal science, which led me down the path to obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a Chemistry minor. And eventually a Master’s degree in Biology.

And now, somehow Bill Nye has gotten even better with age. (also he looks nearly the same to me: does this guy age?) Watching and listening to him and Bernie Sanders brings hope to my heart. Hope for our future and our planet that I’ve developed a deep love for. I love listening to Bill Nye and his viewpoints since they are still just as relevant, if not more so now than they were back in the 90’s when I watched him on Disney. Another nice thing is that now he’s free to say what he really thinks, and doesn’t have to hold anything back due to his audience being children. Also, I’m older and can understand more in regards to what he’s saying.

He has a new show Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix that I recently started watching. While I don’t know what the show will bring to me, I look forward to learning more about science, our world, and beyond. And I hope that in addition to learning, that it brings back happy memories from my childhood growing up with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

What are your thoughts on Bill Nye? Did you watch his show in the 90s? Have you seen his new show? Do you have any qualms about Bill and his opinions? Do you even science, bro?

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AP Biology Exam buzz

The AP Biology Exam was given yesterday and there was a buzz about a portion of the exam that was about bees and caffeine. Students were told to study the typical biology topics: cells, DNA, natural selection, etc. They weren’t expecting a section about bees and caffeine. This of course peaked my interest, so I decided to look up information about bees and coffee.

Did you know caffeine in nectar is a common thing? Up to 55 percent of flowering plants are estimated to have caffeinated nectar. With this knowledge, there have been studies done on the effects of caffeine on bees. Bees are like people, they love caffeine and will seek it out. They dance up a storm, which they do when they find high quality nectar. But the caffeinated nectar isn’t nutritionally better than the plain nectar. According to Dr. Margaret Couvillon, caffeine causes the bee to overestimate the quality of the nectar. For the plants, the caffeine helps since more bee visits means more pollen carried around and better chances of reproduction. But caffeine doesn’t seem to offer much to the bees other than a nice buzz.

Bees may actually miss out on other sources that are as good or better because of the caffeine-laced nectar being available. Bees and flowers have a very long-standing, ancient relationship. But, as with many partnerships, the interests don’t always align. Some bees chew at the base of a flower to get nectar without having to load themselves up with pollen that they have to carry around as they fly. “There’s always a little arms race going on.” And in the grand scheme of things, this race may be a temporary one.

Source: New York Times, Twitter (links above).

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Stepping out of your world

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Disney songs and they’ve gotten me thinking about stepping out of the only world you know. The one you grow up in. Like Ariel in the sea, or Moana on an island.


Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women sick of swimming
Ready to stand

Image result for moana how far i'll go

I wish I could be the perfect daughter
But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try
Every turn I take, every trail I track
Every path I make, every road leads back
To the place I know, where I can not go, where I long to be

A theme I’ve noticed with these Disney stories is the idea of trying to honor your family, traditions, and everything else despite your heart telling you there’s more to life than what’s around you. This is a very common theme throughout many Disney stories (Mulan, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Tangled, etc). I think it’s a great message, to follow your heart. But our roots will always be where we find our support from. It’s hard to go out there by yourself without your family there to support you. People do it all the time, but it isn’t easy. I’ve been blessed to have a supportive family, no matter the choices I’ve made in life. Now that I’m older, I find myself on my own for the most part.

While this is freeing, it is also a little scary to be on my own. Sometimes I wish my dad would call me up and check in on me, make sure I’m okay. But I know that I am okay, and my dad is okay too. And because of his awesomeness, I’ve turned into the person I am today.

Take a moment and step out of your comfort zone. Reach for the stars. The sky’s the limit. Follow your heart.

You never know which way the river will bend.

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Recentering your focus

Yesterday I met with a new student who wants to improve his ACT score in order to hopefully get a scholarship for college. While we discussed ACT strategy and how to improve his score, we also discussed his goals in regards to college, studying, career and beyond. While the ACT score is important to a certain point, I greatly enjoy helping my students think about the future and broaden their ideas to incorporate more than just what school they want to go to or what major they want to study. While these things are important, it’s good to focus on the overall picture of their future. Where do they see themselves after college? What are they passionate about? In my opinion, at the end of the day, life and career are about passion. I greatly enjoy tutoring and helping others. I find joy in my everyday. I hope to help my students find that same joy in pursuing their passions.

I hope to help my students center their focus on what drives them to be the best they can be.



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Time to get serious


It’s February 13th. Some of you may have already taken the ACT or SAT. Others are taking it for the first time in March or April. Are you ready? Do you think you’ll only take it once and get a good enough score for your dream school?

How have you been preparing for these tests? Are you serious about it, or are you just winging it? In my experience, students who don’t study tend to get low scores on their first try. But, with a solid 2-3 months of studying, they tend to raise their scores by 3-6 points (for ACT) easily. These tests may seem hard at first, but once you know some basic knowledge and what the test-makers are looking for they become more manageable. With the proper tools in your toolkit, you can easily achieve the score you’re going for.

While there are many options for studying for the ACT and/or SAT, usually there’s a certain study option that works for you. Some students do well with self studying (i.e. reading a book and taking some practice tests). Others benefit more from classes that are offered either through their school or a tutoring center. And other students excel with one-on-one tutoring.

I offer one-on-one tutoring and have helped several students over the past few years. I’m proud to say I’ve seen all my students improve their scores on the ACT and/or SAT. Not only were they able to raise their scores, they also walked away with knowledge and tools in their toolkits that will also help them on their journey to and through college.

What’s your next move?

Exposure: how to get your name out

Today’s Daily Prompt is Exposure.


As a tutor, I go through phases of too many students and referrals to the point that I don’t have to market myself much at all. Then, over time, my students and referrals dwindle down and I have to amp up the marketing in order to get more students. Right now, I am trying to lay low until a few things in my personal life settle down over the next few months. While I only have one student right now, it is the perfect amount for me since I don’t have the time to be able to help more students.

After March of this year, everything should be settled down and I will likely be hoping to get more students in April/May if possible. I plan on starting my marketing in March. What do you do to market yourself for your services?

I have a few ideas that include social media ads, email blasts, and maybe offering a referral bonus to my current/past families that I’ve tutored for. What have you done that has worked in the past/present?


What does the word capable mean to you?

I recently became a certified personal trainer in order to grow my ability to help others, in addition to the tutoring I provide. My day job is IT sales, which I enjoy greatly, but I truly shine through the additional roles I provide others.

I love helping people, whether it’s through helping a student raise their SAT score or helping someone achieve their wellness goals. And what better time than the new year to start helping people get back into shape? I’m not only capable but also willing to work with you to help in any way that I can.

When I think of the word capable, I also think of the word strength. And this is the image that comes to mind:


I’ve created a new blog for my personal training business. Please follow it HERE. Thank you!