Panda Planner

It’s been just about a month since I bought and started using my Panda Planner and I have noticed quite a few differences in my life. When I chose to order the planner, I was feeling a little stuck in life. Also, I noticed that while I was getting a lot done, I was forgetting little things on my to-do list, like call the power company before they turn the power off on me. Details..


While having a to-do list that isn’t just in my head likely would have helped, I chose to take a giant leap and purchase a life planner not only for my to-do list but also to keep track of my projects and life goals. After much review and a few suggestions, I settled on the Panda planner and went with the standard version to give it a try. At first I wasn’t even sure what to write in this thing, but after watching the Youtube videos and messing around a bit, I found the planner to be very helpful to my life.

The planner is broken down into three sections: Monthly, Weekly, and Daily sections. The monthly section is more of an overall month by month planner, nice to put in big events or other things you need to note.

The weekly section helps you summarize the previous week and plan for the upcoming week. I try to do this every Sunday, but sometimes don’t get to it until Monday since my weekends tend to get busy. Even so, it helps give me perspective on how much I’m doing and how I can improve. I like reflecting and seeing the progress I’m making in multiple areas of my life. Sometimes the progress is slow-moving but that only helps fuel me to work harder and focus more on those areas.


Then my favorite section is the daily section since that is where I get to write the most. I only fill these out on weekdays, so Mondays through Fridays. Weekends I tend to split my time between work and fun (plus exercise of course) so I don’t really write my daily plan for Saturdays and Sundays. This way I don’t get overwhelmed with my to-do list and goals. I think it’s healthy to have goals, but sometimes I can go overboard with the goals and start ignoring the less serious side of life. While I enjoy adulting, I also enjoy acting like a kid from time to time. And once in awhile, I do actually relax.

This planner has helped catapult me into my life and propel me forward with my goals. While I’m still working on making progress in many areas of my life, I feel much more organized and successful with the planner and the ability to write and keep track of all my ideas and action items.

What do you do to stay organized? What are your goals in life and are you working towards them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!


Panda Planner was originally published on Developing Explorers