Ten: a biblical number


Since January 10th, I’ve taken a break from social media. Starting February 1st, this break from social media will be over. A full 21 days completely off of Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter. The first few days were the hardest, but now I don’t even notice. If anything, I’ve had way more time to work on more important things. I.e. my websites, my blogs, and my social life. I’ve also been able to focus more on person to person interactions which have helped me to get to know people and help them in their journey to wellness.

I’ve also been able to focus more on the every day life I’m living. This new year of 2017 is a year full of good numbers. The number ten is one of those numbers. Ten is a biblical number: ten commandments as an example. The number 10 is used 242 times throughout the bible. It’s seen as a complete and perfect number.

In addition to the number 10, there’s also the number 7. 7 is also a number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). Many people consider the number 7 lucky, including myself. I have the number 7 on my license plate in order to bring luck to my life and my car. So far, the car is 10 years old and hasn’t needed any major repairs yet. (I love my JenJet!).

What numbers are your favorite? Do you feel the significance of certain numbers over others?

Ten: a biblical number was originally published on Developing Explorers

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