Exposure: how to get your name out

Today’s Daily Prompt is Exposure.


As a tutor, I go through phases of too many students and referrals to the point that I don’t have to market myself much at all. Then, over time, my students and referrals dwindle down and I have to amp up the marketing in order to get more students. Right now, I am trying to lay low until a few things in my personal life settle down over the next few months. While I only have one student right now, it is the perfect amount for me since I don’t have the time to be able to help more students.

After March of this year, everything should be settled down and I will likely be hoping to get more students in April/May if possible. I plan on starting my marketing in March. What do you do to market yourself for your services?

I have a few ideas that include social media ads, email blasts, and maybe offering a referral bonus to my current/past families that I’ve tutored for. What have you done that has worked in the past/present?



What does the word capable mean to you?

I recently became a certified personal trainer in order to grow my ability to help others, in addition to the tutoring I provide. My day job is IT sales, which I enjoy greatly, but I truly shine through the additional roles I provide others.

I love helping people, whether it’s through helping a student raise their SAT score or helping someone achieve their wellness goals. And what better time than the new year to start helping people get back into shape? I’m not only capable but also willing to work with you to help in any way that I can.

When I think of the word capable, I also think of the word strength. And this is the image that comes to mind:


I’ve created a new blog for my personal training business. Please follow it HERE. Thank you!